"Let my People go" von Christa Blanke

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"Let my People go" von Christa Blanke

Das neue Buch von Christa Blanke. Englisch, 119 Seiten. 15 x 19 x 1 cm.

Animals' Angels Press, ISBN: 978-3-9814946-6-2


So many battles have been won for God’s creatures:
children… women.. slaves…
Now there is one more freedom fight to be fought: the battle for
the animals’ rights. Christians, Church and Christianity refuse
to get involved. The species barrier seems to be insurmountably
high for theology and church. It effectively bars the way to deeper
understanding and more compassion with animals as our brothers
and sisters, created on the same day as humankind.

is Rev. Christa Blanke, founder of Animals’ Angels. She has been
involved in practical animal rescue and in political animal rights
work for 20 years. She firmly believes that animals are God’s
children too, much loved by their creator. In this book she claims
the bible for the animals.

Well known biblical stories are told in the context of animal
rights. Yet this is not a book about theology, but rather about
faith and spirituality. Personal experiences of the horrors done to
animals are confronted with Christian beliefs and what emerges
is an astonishingly new perspective of a very old tradition.

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